Excalibur Protection Group Inc. has over 20 years combined experience in the Security and Law Enforcement Industry. This Company was founded because it was time to change the status quo.  Working in the Security Industry we noticed the downfalls of security agencies. You really do not need to be a security officer to see what we mean. How many times have you pulled up to a Gated Community and the Officer just rudely burst out "ID! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!". Our number one priority is the protection of your life and property, but that's not where it needs to end. EPG understands we are the face of your organization and we strive to be a safe, friendly and trustworthy entity for your residents and clients to rely on for help. 


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AGENCY B-1500281

Miami, Florida

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Demolition and Construction job sites are full of expensive tools and equipment as well as the one thing that is in high demand on a thieves shopping list. Precious metals. (Copper and Aluminum) Having one of our Officers patrolling your site will put your mind and pocket at ease. Our Officers are trained to OSHA standards. Safety is a big priority. Our Officers daily shift report is your extra eyes for safety hazards around the job site.