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Excalibur Protection Group Inc. was contracted with Misty Lake Condominium Association in 2016  by a prior Misty Lake Board of Directors. Excalibur has been an active force in our community now for 2 years. In that  time period our community has come a long way. Prior to the contract with Excalibur like many other communities our community had it’s problems. Misty Lake had trespassing, tailgating, resident parking issues, vehicle break-ins, squatters , resident conflicts and unauthorized vehicles stored in our community. Also unfortunately our community is located across the street from an apartment complex that is known for criminals and criminal activity.


Nonetheless Misty Lake is a better, safer and quieter community, the residents feel comfortable walking their dogs in the evening without the fear of being confronted with crime. The trespassing has stopped tailgating is combated with reports to hold home owners responsible for their guests actions. Vehicle break-in’s are no more, Parking enforcement is at 99% compliant and the few vehicles that do not follow Misty Lake parking rules, EPG has them towed away at the owner expense..


Excalibur’s officers are well groomed with professional uniforms and pleasant personalities the residents speak of their attentiveness and willingness to help in any way possible. EPG management frequently visits the property and can always be reached by phone for emergencies. The guards are scheduled on the property 16  hours a day however supervisors can be spotted on the property even if the guard is not on duty.

The guards are prompt, always on post and can be seen making rounds. In our community we are equipped with cameras and the guards can be seen doing their job by board members through out their shift if needed. I am the current President of Misty Lake Condominium Association and I would recommend Excalibur Protection Group Inc. to any community looking to hire a security company that does what they promise from the start.


Thank You,

Mary Renee Jackson

President MLCA 2018

Misty Lake

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