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All Excalibur employees are held to similar guidelines as Law Enforcement Agencies. EPG employees are always going through new training monthly.

The criminal entity does not stop learning new ways to break the law so why should your security company peek at a 40 hour course.

By knowing how a criminal thinks we can stay ahead of them and stop them before they take action.

Customer Service
Hiring Process

A big part of our training is customer service. We understand the security team you hire is the face of your company. That's why we spend so much time on perfecting a perfect uniform, maintaining well groomed and well dressed Officers. EPG Officers always greet with a smile while still observing their surroundings.

What to know what else makes us different from other security companies? We have our own security academy where citizens can be trained and fully certified right in our own facility. This allows  us to mold our employees into the perfect EPG Officers. 

After initial application and interview of a potential employee we preform a criminal background check, past employment check, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services check on all of the applicants licenses and all applicants must submit to a drug screening before employment.

All applicants applying for a armed position must past a lie detector test.

Once hired all new employees must go through a 2 week course on EPG Standard Operating Procedures and EPG Security Procedures  before being assigned to a post detail.

All new hirers that will be working armed post details will also complete a EPG Firearm safety Course and Shooting test to make sure Officer are qualifying to EPG standards.

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